Telechips Miracast Demo Video_v.2 2014.11.13

Check out Telechips Miracast demo video_v.2 based on TCC8925s. - Telechips Miracast Demo Video v.2 -

Telechips Techday Seminar 2014.11.12

Telechips held a `Techday Seminar` on Oct. 31. Telechips delivered information on solution, road map, and trends of CE, Automotive. Telechips introduced TCC8960 (ARM Cortex-A15 Dual, Cortex-A7 Quad CPU) and promoted solution partners such as Innopia technologies, Cleinsoft, Pa..

Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding 2014.10.28

Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding Telechips holds an event to celebrate `Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding` on Oct. 29. This event is for promoting friendship amongst Telechips employees. During the event day, Telechips employees gather into several mission group..

Telechips Japan Branch Office 2014.10.15

Telechips established branch office in Japan. Through the Japan branch office, Telechips plans to promote aggressive growth in Japan market.

TCC8935 into Smart Stick using Smart Grid System 2014.09.02

Telechips, supplying TCC8935 to Smart Stick using Smart Grid System - Telechips starts supplying TCC8935 to Smart Stick for Smart Grid System. - Expansion is expected in B2B and government agency service market with enhanced Smart Stick in public service functions such..

Telechips Releases Solution Partner Web Page 2014.08.27

Telechips adds solution partner web page on the website to introduce and promote solution partners and partnership program. Check out the solution partner web page.

Telechips Miracast Demo Video 2014.08.12

Check out Telechips Miracast demo video based on TCC8925s

DigitalZone’s `WeVO AIRLink S20A` Launched 2014.06.23

DigitalZone Co., Ltd. released `WeVO AIRLink S20A` which is a smart OTT(Over the Top)box based on TCC8935 Chipset of Telechips Inc.. It provides functions of receiving, recording and playing ATSC broadcast. `WeVO AIRLink S20A` can be used as a media device with PVR(Personal Vide..

ARM Connected Community 2014.04.30

Telechips joined ARM Connected Community interactive platform - ARM`s developers and partners` online community. Telechips is excited to introduce Telechips` chipsets and solutions to end users, media and partners of the ecosystem. Link:

KENWOOD Car AVN (TCC8920) 2014.03.06

Telechips` customer, JVC KENWOOD Corporation plans to launch MDV-L401 and MDV-L301, a TCC8920 (Cortex A5, Android OS) based Car AVN, on March 2014. Link:

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