Telechips China Road Show 2015.01.27

Telechips held a Techday road show at Telechips Shenzhen office in China on January 22, 2015. At the road show, Telechips showed Telechips demos of Automotive, Set-top box, and IoT divisions to visited customers.

Telechips Techday Road Show 2015.01.19

Telechips Techday Road Show Telechips held a Techday Road Show in January 15, 2015. Telechips invited customers and showed them various demos of Set-top box, Automotive, IoT chip & solutions at the Road Show. Through the Road Show, Telechips made sure the position at Set-top b..

Telechips Partners With Sansa Security to Enable Digital Rights Management (DRM).. 2015.01.07

Telechips Partners With Sansa Security to Enable Digital Rights Management (DRM) for New Hexa-Core Based TCC896x Chipset Partnership Provides Carriers, Services Providers and Over-the-Top Set-Top-Box Manufacturers With a Trusted Execution Environment That Complies With Holl..

Telechips Breaks Through Five Hundred Million US Dollar Sales in 2020 2014.12.12

Telechips CEO establishes vision 2020 of achieving five hundred million US dollar sales in 2020/ Top 25 worldwide Fabless company/ Top 3 in Infortainment chipset market. Keynote of the new beginning of Telechips CEO is ‘Change’. Major product of Telechips used to be Applicat..

Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding 2014.12.01

Telechips employees held an event for celebrating 15th anniversary of founding on Oct 29. After the event, total 3 groups were chosen as winners (group 4/ group5/ group15). Specifically, group 4(1st) made and gave sandwiches to Telechips employees and group 5(2nd) engaged in v..

Telechips Techday Seminar Video 2014.11.25

Check out Telechips Techday Seminar held on Oct. 31, 2014.

Alpine Miracast Box 2014.11.21

Alpine plans to release MRC-N1000, Miracast Box for automotive, embedded Telechips Miracast Turnkey Solution in Japan in the end of November. Telechips Miracast Turnkey Solution can be easily and readily deployed into customers` product which reduces development period and load ..

Telechips Miracast Demo Video_v.2 2014.11.13

Check out Telechips Miracast demo video_v.2 based on TCC8925s. - Telechips Miracast Demo Video v.2 -

Telechips Techday Seminar 2014.11.12

Telechips held a `Techday Seminar` on Oct. 31. Telechips delivered information on solution, road map, and trends of CE, Automotive. Telechips introduced TCC8960 (ARM Cortex-A15 Dual, Cortex-A7 Quad CPU) and promoted solution partners such as Innopia technologies, Cleinsoft, Pa..

Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding 2014.10.28

Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding Telechips holds an event to celebrate `Telechips 15th Anniversary of Founding` on Oct. 29. This event is for promoting friendship amongst Telechips employees. During the event day, Telechips employees gather into several mission group..

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