Telechips Introduces Ultra Low Power Wireless Full HD Service Solution and Andro.. 2015.09.14

Telechips Introduces Ultra Low Power Wireless Full HD Service Solution and Android DVB Solution in IBC 2015 - With ultra low power and wireless features of SoC, Telechips makes light and small world of Full HD environments at everywhere - Through co-work with the world’s ..

Opera TV Solutions to Power Telechips` OTT Platforms 2015.09.14

Opera TV solutions to power Telechips` OTT platforms Telechips, a leading Korean semiconductor company, will leverage Opera TV solutions to deliver a seamless Smart TV experience to its audience. With the support of the Opera Devices SDK (Software Development Kit) 4.x s..

Telechips Partners with RealVNC® to Enable MirrorLink™ Solution for New TCC893x.. 2015.07.29

Telechips Inc., a leading Korean semiconductor company, and RealVNC™, the global provider of VNC® remote access technology and premier MirrorLink™ supplier, announced that Telechips will be leveraging MirrorLink™ technology and VNC Enhanced mode as part of its new System on ..

JVCKENWOOD Display Audio using TCC8930 with Linux Platform 2015.07.03

JVCKENWOOD started to release `DDX9902S` and `DDX9702S` which is a new `Display Audio` using TCC8930 with Linux platform. CarPlay and Android Auto are applied on the `DDX9902S` and `DDX9702S` of JVCKENWOOD. ..

Telechips has been Selected as a Target for World Class 300 and Next Global Cham.. 2015.07.02

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy & Small and Medium Business Administration has selected Telechips as a target for World Class 300 and Next Global Champ. This program, World Class 300, is a project to support small and medium-sized businesses to grow them into worldwide co..

Telechips Android Low Cost Navigation Demo Board Video based on TCC8935 2015.06.17

Check out Telechips Android Low Cost Navigation demo board video based on TCC8935 TCC8935 Low Cost Navigation_Android

Jang Kyu Lee (CEO) Interview 2015.06.05

Jangkyu Lee is a Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Telechips. He devoted to lead innovation of Telechips in STB and IoT Processor business since he was appointed as a CEO of Telechips in 2014. Prior to founding Telechips in 1999, he served as an engineer at Samsung Electronics si..

Humax Released ‘H1’ Based on TCC8935 and TCM3800 of Telechips 2015.04.28

Humax released H1 set-top box to retail market in Germany. H1 of Humax is a OTT(Over The Top) Box available for playing contents of Maxdome, Videociety, ARD Mediathek, ZDF Mediathek, Arte, Arirang TV, Euronews, SpieleCenter, Tagesschau and etc. The H1 is based on TCC8935..

2015 Telechips Road Show in CCBN, Beijing 2015.04.10

On 26th and 27th March, Telechips Road Show was held in Radisson BLU Hotel in Beijing, China during CCBN (China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition). In the event, Telechips introduced processors and solutions for - Embedded HW CAS adopted STB chipset solution - 2K H..

Telechips Vision 2020 Ceremony 2015.03.24

Telechips Vision 2020 Ceremony Telechips held Vision 2020 Ceremony at Renaissance Seoul Hotel on 19th March, 2015. Telechips mainly focuses on three fields which are Automotive, Set-top box, and IoT/Wearable. Telechips’ goals for 2020 are ‘Fabless ranking 25th worldwide, Sal..

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