CEO 인사말

IT devices have an attribute of self-duplication and self-reproduction that a product and component made with an IT device It self are re-embedded in IT devices. Due to this attribute, there is intrinsic difficulty that a real competitor for an IT company is not a certain rival company but IT technology or product itself.

In addition to this, the recent convergence of functions in typical IT products and digitalization of audio, video, and broadc ast contents give us challenges with rapid technology change in predicting how the markets and technologies a couple of months and years a head would be. For this reason, a vision driven by a certain product or technology with short term growth potential is not enough for actively responding to technology and market change.

Telechips promise you it will be the world’s best fabless company beyond maintaining the top position in Korea by creating changes, rapidly applying the changes to the market and products and building up various product portfolios.