About Telechips


Dreaming the World’s Best with Great Passion
Since Telechips was founded in October 1999, it has been a leading fabless company in Korea introducing market leading products with cutting edge technology.
Telechips developed the world’s only digital based Caller ID Chip in 2000 and released the world’s first product with real-time MP3 recording and play function a year after. In 2003, it introduced a built-in USB Host function and various codecs and external storage device support function.
In addition, PlaysForSure certification for the world’s first flash type MP3 player was approved in 2005. The following year, Telechips released a receiver chip for Mobile TV such as DMB. In 2007, it launched audio processor supply to automobile companies. Moreover, in 2008 it made its debut into the Chinese Mobile TV Market (CMMB) and the next year 2009, it introduced a portable multimedia solution supporting the world’s first Full HD(1080P).

Telechips has been supplying its products based on constant technology innovation to each leading companies in the wide
range of application markets including wired and wireless phones, portable MP3 players, car / home audios, mobile phones and mobile TVs.
‘Telechips’ Ongoing Dream towards a World

Telechips has been pursuing developing and selling competi-
tive products in the overseas markets since its foundation. With
its aggressive overseas marketing and sales activities, it
achieves 70% of the entire sales in overseas and it is a highly
recognized global fabless company in the overseas markets
more than in the domestic market.
Telechips does not allow any limitation on improving its technol-
ogy or products and will lead digital convergence through
constant innovation and change.

Company Name Telechips Inc.
Establishment 29th of Oct, 1999
President & CEO Jangkyu Lee
Key Product Area IC for
     Automotive (Car Audio, Car AVN, DAB/DMB, Digital Radio)
     Consumer Electronics (Smart STB/OTT, Tablet, PND, Blackbox, DTV)
Address Luther Bldg. 42 Olympic-ro 35da-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 138-240, Korea
Tel +82 (2) 3443 6792
Fax +82 (2) 3444 6793